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Schoolhouse Rock!: Special 30th Anniversary Edition


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"Schoolhouse Rock", the timeless collection of animated songs that taught an entire generation that "knowledge is power" is on DVD for the first time in this Ultimate Collector’s Edition 2-disc set. Now every day can feel like a Saturday morning as you sing along with "I’m Just A Bill," "Three Is A Magic Number," "Interjections!" and the rest of your favorite tunes. Featuring a catchy new animated song by the original series creators, the 30th Anniversary Edition DVD rocks your house with every "Schoolhouse Rock" short ever created.<br><br> Behind The Scenes Footage, Featurettes.<br><br> The Long-Lost Song: "The Weather Show", "Scooter Computer and Mr. Chips" 3-song set, Top 20 Countdown, "Earn Your Diploma" Trivia Game, Arrange-A-Song Puzzles, 4 Music Videos By Contemporary Artists, Nike Commercial Of "Three Is A Magic Number", Audio Commentaries, 5.1 DTS Of All-New Song "I’m Gonna Send Your Vote To College".